Church Membership
  What we Believe
  7 Distinctives

At Liberty, we believe that membership is a privilege that is granted and not a right to be expected. With that thought in mind, membership involves the following:

I. Requesting Membership

II. Conditions of Membership

III. Duties of Members

IV. Privileges of Members

V. Termination of Membership

VI. "Under Watchcare” Participation

Michael R. Griffin, Sr.
Senior Pastor


Every member is expected to be faithful in all duties essential to the Christian life, which includes:

A. Regular attendance in Sunday School, Worship Services, and other churchwide events and activities.

B. Monthly financial support of the church through tithes and offerings.

C. Supporting the church through prayer involvement.

D. Participation in outreach and visitation programs.

E. Supporting and cooperating with the Senior Pastor and Elders in the direction they are leading the church.

F. Voting upon various matters to confirm and ratify the direction of the church as determined by the General Council of Elders.