Church Membership
  What we Believe
  7 Distinctives

At Liberty, we believe that membership is a privilege that is granted and not a right to be expected. With that thought in mind, membership involves the following:

I. Requesting Membership

II. Conditions of Membership

III. Duties of Members

IV. Privileges of Members

V. Termination of Membership

VI. "Under Watchcare” Participation

Michael R. Griffin, Sr.
Senior Pastor


Any person may present himself as a candidate for membership at Liberty. This is done during the invitation time of any regular church service. There are four (4) basic ways in which a person may present himself as a candidate:

A. By profession of faith and for Baptism - This is anyone who can testify to having received Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord, and is willing to follow Him in Believer’s Baptism (by immersion).

B. By Letter - Any Baptist wishing to transfer their membership may do so upon a letter of recommendation from any Baptist church they are presently a member of (if they can testify to a personal conversion experience and Scriptural Believer’s Baptism.)

C. By Baptism from Another Denomination - Anyone wishing to join from another denomination that does not practice Believer’s Baptism (you must be saved before being baptized and there is no saving merit in being baptized) and can testify to a personal conversion experience may do so through Believer’s Baptism.

D. By Statement - In the event a church letter is unobtainable, a person may join by statement of prior conversion and Believer’s Baptism in a Baptist Church.

Anyone presenting himself as a candidate for membership under the preceding headings may be accepted under the watchcare of the church by a simple majority vote of those members present and voting.