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Michael R. Griffin, Sr.
Senior Pastor


Rev. Andy Buchanan serves as Minister of Music and Administration. Bro. Andy has been with the Liberty congregation since its beginnings in 1997. Andy is a 1985 graduate of Valdosta State College (now Valdosta State University) with a Bachelor of Music degree.


We are truly blessed with a multitude of talented singers. Unlike many churches where one person always takes the lead, we have many choir members who sing solos and many others who sing in small ensembles. Singing is one of the oldest forms of art, and it is better than anything in this world to emphasize sacred texts, as if revealing plots in a different way. You can always order an essay and compare the impact of singing on the communities of different societies and segments of the population. And also about the most prominent singers in any genre; we also have our talents. Here are just a few.

The Liberty Quartet The Two Courtneys
Cindy Buchanan, Olivia Mitchell,
Andy Buchanan & Paul Raber
Courtney Guest & Courtney Banister
Cindy Buchanan, Kay Guest & Andy Buchanan Kay Guest & Bucky Plyler