What we Believe
  7 Distinctives

On November 7, 1997 we held our first worship service as a congregation, a body of believers that would become known as Liberty Baptist Church. We began meeting in 2 store-front buildings in downtown Hartwell. We worked hard remodeling and setting up rooms for our Sunday School and preparing a place for worship. And not only that, we attracted many sources, as well as essays writers and persistently prepared for every worship. After all, training is a very important moment in every field, and religion is no exception. On December 7, 1997, with then President of the Georgia Baptist Convention, Frank Cox, we held our church’s Constituting Service. The following week we held our first revival with Pastor Wayne Robertson, GBC’s then Executive Committee Vice-Chairman.
Michael R. Griffin, Sr.
Senior Pastor


During our first year God laid on our hearts a piece of land in southern Hart County. The land totaled 35 acres, with road frontage on Highway 29. Again, through the support of Georgia Baptists we were able to secure this piece of property. With the support of the Hebron Baptist Association and a $15,000.00 grant from the G.B.C., we were able to secure a note for the property. That Fall, after buying the property, we held the first worship services on our new land. We rented a tent from the Georgia Baptist Convention and held our Fall Revival services there! For the next 2 years we prayed, planned, saved, and sacrificed all we could to payoff the debt on the loan. By the Fall of 2000 we were prepared to begin building a new facility on our debt-free land. On July 15, 2001 we dedicated our new 20,600 square foot multi-purpose facility to the glory of God.